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Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing

Efficiency is at the core of our operation, and we pass the cost savings on to you.  Edgecombe uses sophisticated design systems to increase efficiency, reduce waste, increase quality, and increase reliability. Our 3D solid modeling drawings are utilized throughout the process from customer approval to final upholstery.

Frame Construction

Every frame that our experts build reflects our 90 years of experience, and stays true to the craftsmanship on which our company was founded.

  • Frame is machined from kiln-dried hardwoods and/or pine not to exceed moisture content of 7%.

  • Frames are designed using state-of-the-art 3D solid modeling software to ensure all parts fit exactly to within 1/1000 of an inch.

  • Frame is assembled using mortise-and-tenon joinery and fastened with heavy-duty frame staples and wood screws.

  • Lumber stress points are double-doweled and/or screwed.

  • Corner blocks and/or steel brackets are used to reinforce critical joints.

  • We sit on our frames with a limited lifetime warranty.

Spring Systems

While construction standards change to meet varying demands, the comfort and durability offered by our spring systems remain unparalleled in the industry.  Our furniture features a NoSag® spring system that provides comfort & durability.  Our NoSag® spring system features 8-gauge arched sinuous steel seat springs and 11-gauge back springs that are fastened to the frame with padded steel clips and reinforced with heavy gauge metal tie wire to provide a supportive, yet comfortable ride.


Fabrics are cut with our state of the art Gerber Paragon Automatic Cutter. This cutter improves safety, accuracy, and productivity. More accurately cut parts translate to a more beautiful finished product.


All threads are heavy duty bonded 69 pound & color matched sewn to minimum 8 stitches per inch (depending on fabric type).  Fabric edges are surged after cutting when required to minimize fraying. A minimum 1/2″ standard seam allowance determined by laser guides is used to guard against seam slippage. All parts are sewn on automatic lock stitch machines and are back-tacked at the beginning and end of each sewing. Any various stitches such as blind, double needle, french, top, etc. are possible.


Edgecombe Furniture offers a wide array of cushion options to create the right feel and durability for the right purpose.

Some of these include high resiliency, flexible polyurethane foam in varying densities and compressions, individually wrapped pocketed coil springs, down feathers and varying fiber toppers.  All foam meets California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 flammability requirements.

There are 5 variables we have found that affect the feel of foam.

  • Foam Compression

  • Foam Density

  • Foam Size

  • Cover Size

  • Cover Type


Each product is bench-made by experienced craftsmen to exact specifications. Inspections are performed by craftsmen and their peers at each step of the process and random products are pulled for a thorough review.


It is important that your products arrive damage free. To this end we have developed the following specifications:

  • All exposed wood is covered with protective foam padding or bubble wrap.  The product is placed on a cardboard tray that is custom fit for protection and to minimize movement.

  • Bubble wrap is used to guard against abrasion.  A 5-mil polyurethane bag is then wrapped and sealed to provide protection to the frame and upholstery, from handling and the natural elements.

  • A Styrofoam block is used to support sleeper mechanisms during shipment to prevent sagging to one side.

  • Sleepers are also contained with a twisted tie wire that should be removed prior to use.

  • Products are capped with cardboard trays on the bottom and ends.

  • Cartons are available by request and come standard on some items such as exposed wood dining chairs and barstools.

  • Pallets are also available for products that require movement by forklift or pallet jack.

Product Categories