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Edgecombe Furniture Selects IP-Realtime Production Management Solution

        In a press release issued by TexTempo, IPE, and Edgecombe Furniture on May 4, 2021, owner, Bob Phillips states “Edgecombe’s first core value is efficiency, and we are committed to utilizing the latest technology to improve quality and production.”

About IPE & TexTempo

IPE was formed in 2010 to provide manufacturing-focused solutions for the sewn products and other discrete manufacturing industries. The IPE leadership team brings more than 100 years of combined experience with production solutions to support and simplify the deployment, use, and maintenance of their systems.

TexTempo helps sewn products manufacturers connect labor and machines to optimize factory floor processes through technology, consulting, and support services. The company combines decades of industry expertise with the latest real-time shop floor control and incentive payroll technologies to provide immediate visibility to key performance indicators.

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