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Dimensions 76 W x 37 D x 33 H
Seat Height 19
Seat Width 64
Seat Depth 25
Arm Height 33
COM Yards COM 15 Yards (Plain, 54”, RR)
Removable Seat Yes

Description: Tight channel tufted back, Loose reversible spring coil seat cushions, nylon zipper closures, breather panel, self welt on body, 3″ tall removable metal legs, nylon glides

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Available Fabrics

  • 18250 1235
    18250 1235
    18250 1235
  • 33353 515
    33353 515
    33353 515
  • Archetype Admiral
    Archetype Admiral
    Archetype Admiral ARCADM
  • Archetype Anchor
    Archetype Anchor
    Archetype Anchor ARCANC
  • Archetype Cafe
    Archetype Cafe
    Archetype Cafe ARCCAF
  • Archetype Hemp
    Archetype Hemp
    Archetype Hemp ARCHEM
  • Archetype Quartz
    Archetype Quartz
    Archetype Quartz ARCQUA
  • Archetype Smoke
    Archetype Smoke
    Archetype Smoke ARCSMO
  • Beckett Antique
    Beckett Antique
    Beckett Antique BECANT
  • Burkson Red Slippers
    Burkson Red Slippers
    Burkson Red Slippers BURRED
  • Cardigan Coal
    Cardigan Coal
    Cardigan Coal CARCOA
  • Concierge Light Beige
    Concierge Light Beige
    Concierge Light Beige CONLIG
  • Connelly Blue Jay
    Connelly Blue Jay
    Connelly Blue Jay CONBLU
  • Connelly Crow
    Connelly Crow
    Connelly Crow CONCRO
  • Connelly Dove
    Connelly Dove
    Connelly Dove CONDOV
  • Connelly Peacock
    Connelly Peacock
    Connelly Peacock CONPEA
  • Connelly Wren
    Connelly Wren
    Connelly Wren CONWRE
  • Credo Stone
    Credo Stone
    Credo Stone CRESTO
  • Dillon Black
    Dillon Black
    Dillon Black DILBLA
  • Dillon Buff
    Dillon Buff
    Dillon Buff DILBUF
  • Dillon Luggage
    Dillon Luggage
    Dillon Luggage DILWIL
  • Dillon Williamsburg
    Dillon Williamsburg
    Dillon Williamsburg DILWIL
  • Ditmars Grenadine
    Ditmars Grenadine
    Ditmars Grenadine DITGRE
  • Dorset Ash
    Dorset Ash
    Dorset Ash DORASH
  • Dorset Black
    Dorset Black
    Dorset Black DORBLA
  • Dorset Camel
    Dorset Camel
    Dorset Camel DORCAM
  • Dorset Charcoal
    Dorset Charcoal
    Dorset Charcoal DORCHA
  • Dorset Cherry
    Dorset Cherry
    Dorset Cherry DORCHE
  • Dorset Soda
    Dorset Soda
    Dorset Soda DORSOD
  • Dorset Taupe
    Dorset Taupe
    Dorset Taupe DORTAU
  • Elliot Caribou
    Elliot Caribou
    Elliot Caribou ELICAR
  • Ground Control
    Ground Control
    Ground Control GROCON
  • Holiday Sky
    Holiday Sky
    Holiday Sky HOLSKY
  • Kanji Putty
    Kanji Putty
    Kanji Putty KANPUT
  • Laque 84E2BK
    Laque 84E2BK
    Laque 84E2BK
  • Lax Grape
    Lax Grape
    Lax Grape LAXGRA
  • Line Up Shadow
    Line Up Shadow
    Line Up Shadow LINUPS
  • Living Texture
    Living Texture
    Living Texture LIVTEX
  • Osprey Ash
    Osprey Ash
    Osprey Ash OSPASH
  • Overture April Fool’s Day
    Overture April Fool’s Day
    Overture April Fool’s Day OVEAPR
  • Ridgecrest Meadow
    Ridgecrest Meadow
    Ridgecrest Meadow RIDMEA
  • Ridgecrest Midnight
    Ridgecrest Midnight
    Ridgecrest Midnight RIDMID
  • Ridgecrest Putty
    Ridgecrest Putty
    Ridgecrest Putty RIDPUT
  • Static Harmony
    Static Harmony
    Static Harmony STAHAR
  • Tasmen Texture Panda
    Tasmen Texture Panda
    Tasmen Texture Panda TASTEX
  • Venice Granite
    Venice Granite
    Venice Granite VENGRA

Available Metal Finishes

  • Onyx
    Onyx Powder Coat
  • Lithonia Bronze
    Lithonia Bronze
    Lithonia Bronze Powder Coat
  • Dash Black
    Dash Black
    Dash Black Powder Coat
  • Pebblestone
    Pebblestone Powder Coat
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
    Oil Rubbed Bronze
    Oil Rubbed Bronze Powder Coat
  • Pewter
    Pewter Powder Coat
  • Golden Rod Drexel
    Golden Rod Drexel
    Golden Rod Drexel Powder Coat
  • New Raw Steel
    New Raw Steel
    New Raw Steel Powder Coat
  • Arctic Silver
    Arctic Silver
    Arctic Silver Powder Coat
  • Chrome
    Chrome Powder Coat
  • Continental White
    Continental White
    Continental White Powder Coat

Additional information

Fabric Swatches

Bagel, Bay_Summer, BELLINGRATH_SPA, Bounce Scarlet, Brownstone, CALA_CITRUS, Chocolate, Collage_Seaside, Coral_Bay_Stone_2, Gorgeous_Chestnut, GREEN_TEA, Gunnison_Tan, Hill_lilac, Indigo, Jewel_smallers, Jumper_Sky, Kimora_Scarlet, Midnight, Mocha, Mondavi_Canyon, Montana_Bison, Montana_Garnet, Montana_Key_Lime, Montana_Mocha, Montana_Shell, Paprika, Pinto_Tobacco, Playa_Surfer_Ocean, Sail_Away_Navy, Scarlet, Seashells_Beach, SECRET_GATE, Slamdunk_Chocolate, Slamdunk_Stone, Sprig, Stoked_Tan, sussex_stripe_blossom, Tigre_Red, Tigre_Sand, Toffee, Top_Hat_Berry, Tusk, Unisuede_Lipstick, Wizard_Graffiti

Wood Finishes

Biltmore_Cherry, BLACK, Brazilwood, Brighton_Walnut, Cafelle, Cocobala, Columbian_Walnut, Empire_Mahogany, Golden_Oak, Kensington_Maple, Mambo, Montana_Walnut, Monticello_Maple, Tuscan_Walnut, Williamsburg_Cherry