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Meet Lead Cover Designer, Peyton Hartis

As technology advances and the demands of the custom upholstered seating industry grow, Edgecombe continues to advance by utilizing state of the art technology coupled with the knowledge of skilled craftsmen.  Peyton joined the Edgecombe Furniture team in June of 2020 as Lead Cover Designer for New Products.  Peyton utilizes her vast training in Gerber Technology’s Accumark Pattern Design Software to create precise patterns and markers to be cut on our Gerber Paragon Cutter.  This process improves safety, cut accuracy, overall quality, throughput, and material yield.

Get to know Peyton:

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Peyton has previous experience in apparel and fashion accessories, she became interested in joining the Edgecombe Furniture team because of the strong company values and knowing that our products are manufactured in NC.

“I am excited to work for Edgecombe

and further my knowledge of furniture”

– Peyton Hartis

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